About Everyday Follower

It seems like everyone is seeking the incredible, the amazing, the very best there is.

"Five steps to an incredible marriage!" 

"3 Tips for an Amazing Prayer Life!" 

"The ONLY Way to Your Best Life Now!"

It's like we feel the need to co-opt the marketing strategies of secular media in order to make the life of faith attractive to the masses.  

It's exhausting. And it doesn't work.

Why?  Because it is based on your striving, your ability to achieve.  And when you fail (and you will fail), you'll be left thinking it is because you didn't try hard enough or do it right and that God is disappointed in you.

What if the life Jesus has for you isn't found in the exciting and extraordinary?  What if true life is found by following Jesus in the everyday?

Jesus was born in a backwater town to parents of low social stature.  He recruited ordinary teenagers to be His followers, spent much of his time with the outcasts no one paid attention to, avoided large crowds in favor of intimate time with God, and made miracles happen with table scraps and water.  

He had no curriculum, no mission statement, no building, and no budget yet He changed the world in three short years and launched a movement that is still transforming lives today.

Maybe instead of chasing the next big thing, what we really need is to look for life in the ordinary and learn to follow Jesus in the everyday.  That's what this page is about.