How Our Vision Becomes Our Mission

Our vision leads us into our surrounding community to be on mission amongst four distinct populations. We engage

with each in ways that are unique with a goal of demonstrating God’s version of the Good Life and inviting them to join in.

Accompanying Elders

Our vision leads us to accompany seniors in finding meaning and purpose in Jesus in the later stages of life. Members of our family of faith visit nursing homes, lead and participate in Bible study, and are present at times of crisis

Engaging Exiles

Our vision leads us to engage “exiles,” those disconnected from faith and family in Christ-centered community. Members of our family of faith host meetups, discussion groups, and service activities designed to build connections that are grounded in Jesus.

Equipping Families

Our vision leads us to equip families of all kinds to follow Jesus together. Members our family of faith discover how to practice faith in the home, gather for social and service activities, and participate in Sunday School for children of all ages.

Loving the Least of These

Our vision leads us to build relationships through compassionate relief with those living in poverty and on the margins. Members of our family of faith serve meals for the poor, support organizations like Love INC. and Oxford Orion FISH, and gather for fellowship and discipleship that sustains this mission.