Our Vision

Under the pressure of busyness in our everyday lives, we find it increasingly difficult to connect deeply in the close-knit relationships we know that we need.  We imagine the Good Life for ourselves and our families, but the culture of striving in which we live drives us apart through competing schedules and priorities.  Even those activities that appear beneficial compete with our relationships for our time and attention.  We are left feeling stuck, but Jesus comes in the midst of this struggle and invites us to follow Him and receive God’s version of the Good Life.

The Good Life beings as we are challenged to change how we think and what we value.  At King of Kings, a local expression of God’s family on earth, we welcome those who desire close-knit relationships that strengthen existing families and can also become another form of family.  Leaving behind our version of the Good Life in favor of God’s version, we receive forgiveness and faith in Jesus as our Savior and Lord.

By fully engaging in our life together, we equip one another to worship passionately, connect deeply, and live generously.  God’s version of the Good Life reveals the benefits of reorienting our schedules and shifting priorities.  We come to see the Good Life as a life of thriving, free from the culture of striving.  We are led into this life by the power of the Holy Spirit and the encouragement of our faith family.

We will find new meaning by following Jesus in the everyday of life as we listen for what He tells us and respond in faith.  We will see lives changed, marriages restored, and loneliness overcome, both in our own families and in those God has placed in relationship with us.

It is our vision at King of Kings to be a safe space for Jesus-centered relationships to flourish as we invite the people of Northern Oakland County to join our family in living God’s version of the Good Life.